herb-grinders-grind-your-weed-upNowadays, people are wasting a lot of money thinking they can have the best deal out of cheap gadgets they can see on local and online markets. Bought it on an weedgrindershop woke up the next day they realizing they waste 5 to 20 bucks with a low grade product. Well, that’s already too late, duped on low quality material. Kind of a frustrating right?

Now let’s talk about pot. How do you like your babe to be grind? A lot of smokers are into this little thingy found online to do the crushing of bud.Well, it’s convenient, leaves no stains on fingers plus awesome kief and grind! Pot grinders are the best when you consider ease on crushing your bud. It’s availability online is just one grab away. Yet you have to consider what kind of grinder, of what material and of how will it give you the best kief and grind. Here are kinds of grinder you can consider to crush your pot.

Aluminum grinder. One of the best deal! It can last for years even you drop it quite often. Aluminum material is best for grinding your weed as it has sharp teeth that will give you smooth and medium grind pot. It is well-known to last for years! So cost wise dude, grab one now!

Titanium grinder. What comes to your head when you heard this super high quality material? Sure thing it’s expensive than 20 bucks usual grinders! But dude, think twice. Titanium coated grinders can last a life time! Which means, it’s not as expensive as you thought? With this good deal you can have your buddy till your last smoke. And another thing, the price is comparable to its quality and grind. Kief is at its best specially when combined with medium grind. Get one on hand and enjoy the best deal!

Plastic grinder. This weed crusher is very common in the market and flooding online on really cheap price. Since the material is commonly everywhereas in plastic bags, chairs and baskets, etc.l, this kind of material does not last in your pocket. Definitely not the best deal so don’t settle for less.

Checking the quality of material for weed grinder should come on the best deal. Make it more awesome as you pair it with your pot. Have something durable, of good quality and best suits your bud. Choose the grinder that will give you the smoothest kief and perfect grind for an intense smoke out of your pot!